Flip the narrative is all about highlighting the growth, resilience and reinvention that happens after challenging and dark periods.
It’s about sharing the message after the mess, holding space, vulnerability and honesty to our defining moments, the people who supported us, and the changes that came from such an ordeal. This is being studied as Post Traumatic Growth.

Almost 100 women shared their ‘Flip The Narrative’, an inspirational initiative by Lana Kristine Jelenjev

Growth is painful.
Change is painful.
But nothing is as painful as staying stuck in an old story.

My transformation scared the hell out of me. The process was all about making peace with my inner child, forgiveness, embracing my femininity, healing and transformation.

What I Struggled With
Where and when did it go wrong? What did I wrong?

These are the questions I asked myself.

I had reached the point I was willing to look into the mirror and face my fears.

While going to Kenya and establishing I-Care, I followed my heart. But when my business grew, and I was dealing with investors, I drifted away from my heart. It was about number and results. I stepped into my old pitfall: surviving, controlling and utilizing my masculine qualities and leading with my head.

I did some deeper soul searching and walked down my inner caves.

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